Frontira Insights Report: 18 cases on promoting sustainability

Our take on recent campaigns concerning sustainability and regenerative economy.


Sustainability, environmentally friendly, circular economy, these have all become buzzwords in the past few years for a reason; however, brands often exploit the hype around sustainability in the hope of profit without providing real value. What is left behind? Confused customers and the endangered planet.

This Frontira Insights report features


cases of sustainable innovation


cases of greenwashing

But how exactly does greenwashing work? The base is a relatively true environmental statement, aiming at catching the attention of customers, that essentially lacks real solution and even ignores alarming aspects. Hence, it deceits people by making it challenging to decide whether there is real meaning behind the campaign.

What is frequently overlooked is that despite of saving money short-term, it’s a lose-lose situation on the long run, because companies deprive themselves of maximizing the business potential of innovation and regenerative design – apart from misleading consumers.


In our report, we gathered 14 innovative cases of campaigns revolving around sustainability that prove how all industries could benefit from applying a more eco-friendly attitude.

Still not feeling motivated to stand on the right sight of history?
Let’s be honest, you won’t really have a choice on the long run.
Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to start incorporating sustainable initiatives instead of panicking every time a new regulation comes out?

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