5 Critical Steps to Business Resilience

“You can’t cost cut your way to future growth.”


Our world is changing rapidly and continually, there is no doubt about that. Thus, companies need to adapt their strategy to survive in the fast paced environment. In our short report, we gathered five key aspects to focus on that are imperative to business health.

5 essential steps identified
  • Research shifting demand
  • Revisit your customer value proposition
  • Re-evaluate the strategy
  • Respond with agility
  • Reshape our teams

The points are based on or lead into each other, the primary task is to reassess your goals, align your strategy with them and be smart with your budget instead of plain cost cutting.

As our Managing partner, Stefan Erschwendner said:

“You can’t cost cut your way to future growth.”

The pandemic forced people to build a ‘new normal’ which cannot be tackled with old attitudes, which applies to the outdated approach towards strategy; creating 5 year plans. We cannot emphasise that being reactive, or even better proactive is the key to producing value for your new and existing customers. This requires investing in research to always be aware of new needs and pain points; pondering over how you can answer to the new demands;  and putting your solutions to action in the form of strategy.

On the other hand, transforming your mindset is crucial as well: think agile and flexible. Companies need to suspend the traditional ways of decision making and design their organization for speed as their competitive advantage. This also includes their indoor operation, seizing the opportunities of remote and hybrid work aiming for effectiveness, as well as the benefits of technology.

Additionally, we made sure to include a real-life example, so the concept does not feel elusive. How can a Chinese car-rental company implement these steps into practice? Download our short report to find out.

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The New Normal.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new global reality that arrived fast and unexpectly, resulting in the birth of completely unfamiliar business context. With the beginning of the new calendar and fiscal years, businesses have seen their plans for 2020 become obsolete over the course of a few weeks. Undoubtedly as part of immediate crisis management, business leaders are coping with today but also revising plans, projections and priorities for what many are calling the ‘New Normal’.