Report: 5G Innovation Radar

5G is the next generation in wireless network technology, promising faster connection speeds, lower latency, and higher bandwidth. 5G also means faster data transfer and lower data transmission costs. As a result, the new technology lays the foundation for innovations ranging from autonomous driving to smart cities.

In this report we look at 16 use case ideas across eight industries and assess how they will leverage 5G and the data economy to improve their industry value chains.

5G Innovation Radar

Why the hype around 5G?

5G is highly anticipated because it’s faster, which means information can travel on the network better. It has greater bandwidth, which means it can handle more activity while expending less energy. It has lower latency, which means there is less delay between when a command is issued and the action is executed. All of these things together enable new business applications using this network. Currently, 4G networks can support roughly 4,000 devices per square kilometer. 5G, on the other hand, can support one million across the same area.

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What to expect
  • Learn the current landscape of 5G
  • Explore the business metric potentials of 5G 
  • Innovation Radar showcasing the top 16 trends of 2020
  • Discover more with additional use cases


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