Blockchain In Business: Challenges And Use Cases

Explore what is blockchain, key benefits and how is blockchain impacting businesses and what is holding companies back from adopting blockchain.

Key benefits and challenges of blockchain

This report was primarily made for legacy organizations looking to explore new technologies to improve efficiency of internal processes and add additional value (transparency, security, speed etc.) to customer experiences.

How should I use it:

  • Challenge any potential misconceptions you might have about blockchain technology.
  • Understand the relevance of blockchain technology across different industries.
  • Start taking first steps towards identifying areas where blockchain could be useful for your organization

What can I learn:

  • What is blockchain and what are its key benefits and challenges that are holding businesses back from adopting it.
  • How is blockchain impacting businesses (tokenization, initial coin offerings and enterprise software platforms)
  • What are some of the best use cases of blockchain technology, and how you can potentially apply them within your organization.
  • In what areas of business has blockchain already established itself as a game changer that brings tremendous value to both customers and organizations.

Key insights in this report:

  • 84% of executives say their organization has some kind of involvement with blockchain technology.
  • 30% of global executives see China as the emerging leader in developing blockchain projects, followed by the United States and Australia.
  • “The hype surrounding the technology has passed, and it has entered a stage of industrial development. The technology will take a year or two to be applied on an industrial scale.”
    — Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman, Sberbank
  • “This is the beginning of a new era for genuine luxury and it’s good news for everyone.”
    — Michele Casucci, CEO of Certilogo.
  • 46% of reported blockchain use cases are in financial services.
Download and discover blockchain, key benefits, and how is blockchain impacting businesses.


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