Financial Services 2022 Innovation Report

A top management perspective on innovation opportunities and best practice.


Earlier this year, Frontira Strategic Design organised and curated the 12th Empowering Agile Conference focusing on the state of innovation in the financial services sector diving into the imperative to innovate as a means of both surviving and thriving in a world often running ahead of it. Check out the full recording of the conference here: Empowering Agile: Financial Services. 

In parallel with the conference we surveyed senior business leaders working in the financial services sector and talked to real practitioners, those on the front line about innovation in their respective companies. Some of the interviews, with insightful perspectives and experiences can be found here: Expert Interviews.

This report will feature:


Qualitative Interviews


Survey Participants
Participants in our previous studies
Innovation in Financial Services - download our 2022 report

What will you learn about:

  • Catalysts and drivers of pushing innovation initiatives in large financial institutions.
  • The playgrounds that are most explored when considering innovation as a growth engine for the organization.
  • Resources and tools that are most applied in financial services innovation projects.
  • The biggest hurdles to jump and barriers to breakdown in achieving meaningful outcomes that the organisation is counting on.

Bonus content: The industries considered as most in danger of disruption, detailed survey results and methodology in the appendix.

Highlights from our experts

‘With digital banks having a good grasp on these success factors, platforms like Revolut and N26 roll out on average 2.4 customer-facing innovations each month. That’s a high benchmark for legacy banks to meet.’

Joanna Bakas, Frontira

’The main hurdle that I see is ourselves. Our hurdles come from aligning on how we do innovation at Danske Bank, setting and balancing priorities. It can be tricky to balance prioritization. For example, when you have a ‘triangle’ between CX, regulation and efficiency, which should lead and drive critical decisions?’

Mads Lundgård, Danske Bank

‘Innovation is a necessity for a long-term sustainable business. It needs to be understood, incorporated into company culture and its operations.’

Lenka Pincot, Head of Agile Transformation Raiffeisenbank CZ
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The New Normal.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new global reality that arrived fast and unexpectly, resulting in the birth of completely unfamiliar business context. With the beginning of the new calendar and fiscal years, businesses have seen their plans for 2020 become obsolete over the course of a few weeks. Undoubtedly as part of immediate crisis management, business leaders are coping with today but also revising plans, projections and priorities for what many are calling the ‘New Normal’.