Next generation of banking

How to transform from legacy to leader in the world of finance and what first steps a legacy bank should take to not only transform the business, but do so effectively.

From legacy to leader

Who is this for?

Created primarily for anyone working within a legacy (traditional) financial organization. Anyone with interest in the finance industry will also find this in-depth look into banking transformation valuable.

This report will show explain the two critical transformations that traditional banks must face and actionable first steps to pursue transformation, as well as key learnings from successful legacy.

What you can expect:
  • What are the two key approaches to organizational transformation within legacy organizations
  • How some of the most successful organizational transformations achieved this status, and key learnings you can apply to your own from each
    showcasing the top 16 trends of 2020.
  • What first steps every legacy bank should take to not only transform the business, but do so effectively (minimize risk, maximize cooperation)

Nearly 80% of organizations that focused on culture sustained strong or breakthrough performance in their pursuit of organizational transformation. 

Key insights:
  • 69% of people stated that it is important for them to have a bank that is innovative; yet only 12% of respondents in the survey considered their own banks innovative
  • “Resistance, especially when it is passive, invisible, and unconscious, can derail even the best strategy.”

    — Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project

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