Private Banking
Austria Industry Pulse: Digital Transformation

The demographics of private banking clients are shifting dramatically in the coming years, and with it, the expectations on private banking services. Organizations must prepare for a client that is more digitally affluent and develop digital services that help build, maintain and grow client relationships.

In this Industry Pulse, we have a look at how leading Austrian private banks, such as Bankhaus Spängler, Wiener Privatbank and Schoellerbank, are preparing for this customer shift.
Download the Private Banking Austria Industry Pulse: Digital Transformation Report

In this report, we look at how 6 leading private and investment Banks in Austria utilize digital channels in order to acquire new customers, and service existing clients by using the LHBS Digital Review Framework.

Get insights on
  • The digital sales and CRM approach of the competitive set
  • What digital ecosystem is offered to new and existing clients, and how they compare to each other
  • What topics the industry as a whole should consider in order to prepare for the new breed of clients.


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