A Practical Guide To Business Modeling

The Business Model Canvas represents a valuable framework which is used by many small and big organizations all over the globe. With its flexible yet simple application, it has helped many companies to improve existing products, create new ones, and develop better strategies for the future.

When we work with clients, whether it is building up on and developing existing ideas, or completely innovating a business model, the canvas is one of the most used tools here at LHBS. Interestingly enough, despite most managers being aware of the canvas and with the vast amount of information about business modeling online— many organization still struggle and encounter difficulties in applying the Business Model Canvas to their company.

In order to solve the most commonly addressed issues, we have dedicated this edition to the Business Model Canvas. A practical guide of the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of business modeling— aiming to highlight and explain the most important aspects about the business development tool.

The New Normal.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new global reality that arrived fast and unexpectly, resulting in the birth of completely unfamiliar business context. With the beginning of the new calendar and fiscal years, businesses have seen their plans for 2020 become obsolete over the course of a few weeks. Undoubtedly as part of immediate crisis management, business leaders are coping with today but also revising plans, projections and priorities for what many are calling the ‘New Normal’.