Sustainability: Ecology & Economy

Sustainability has been a buzzword for the last couple of years. It means connecting economy with ecology, being able to internationally compete while also protecting the environment.

A lot of companies are already committing to “being green.” It gives a competitive advantage and sustainability is increasingly expected by consumers. The movement is called Green Economy and describes a sustainable business that protects natural resources and doesn’t harm the environment.

This report explores the Green Economy from three angles:

  • Insights into industry evolvements and consumer expectations
  • Introduces best practices of brands that get it right
  • Take-aways derived from insights and best practice examples

The New Normal.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new global reality that arrived fast and unexpectly, resulting in the birth of completely unfamiliar business context. With the beginning of the new calendar and fiscal years, businesses have seen their plans for 2020 become obsolete over the course of a few weeks. Undoubtedly as part of immediate crisis management, business leaders are coping with today but also revising plans, projections and priorities for what many are calling the ‘New Normal’.